About Bruno

Health and Safety Precautions
Since the opening of my salon in 2009, my philosophy has always been to provide one-on-one single appointment service, and to treat each client with the utmost care and attention. You will never have to wait for your appointment, since I schedule enough time in between my clients to always disinfect the salon, ensuring you are being serviced in a clean, pristine and serene environment. I provide wash and go haircuts and ONLY use high quality and ammonia free products. I refuse to process and damage your hair, if you want something to be fast and reckless there are many others to provide you with that service.
The only difference to my practice now is related to COVID-19, you and I must wear a mask and be without symptoms of illness. I will be diligent to service you in a safe environment and to care for your hair, always with honesty and respect. 


By the time I was 16 years old, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Determined and driven to become a skilled artist. I learned from the best pioneers in "Haute Coiffure". JM Maniatis, J Dessange and JL David were among my mentors. Their skill and expertise taught me the importance of crafting and styling the hair in harmony with a client's morphology. Examining the color of the iris and the complexion of one's skin is equally as important as the shape of one's face. The study of anatomy and physiology, biology and chemistry was an integral part of the courses completed over a three year period in Paris, France. The technique unique to France and new to Hawai'i that is highly appreciated by my exquisite clientele, is the "Balayage". It is the process of creating natural highlights by gently framing the hair surrounding the face. My clients consist of professionals, experts, leaders, politicians and believers of quality service, they and I will not settle for mediocre care.

Specializes in low maintenance and natural solutions to straight, curly, thin, thick/coarse, short, or long hair.

Haircutting Technique 
Wash and wear haircuts, cutting/sculpting/effilage (based on hair texture) executed with scissors only, NO razor & NO chopping!

Hair Beautification
Color corrections and Balayage, using High Quality Ammonia free products by Schwarzkopf-Essensity. The salon is entirely ammonia free.